Laura King Gilson

The Smart Money Expert founder and creator of the Smart Money Expert Academy.   

The Smart Money Expert

Laura’s beginning was on a farm in south-eastern Idaho.  Being raised in the country where the law of the harvest and of working by the “sweat of your brow” flourished. She realized that you had to take the actions necessary to “grow” your opportunities. They weren’t going to come along all by themselves.

At the age of 16 she started her own direct sales and marketing business bringing to those she targeted the services and products they wanted to make their lives easier.  

A move to California was in order after high school where she met and married David Gilson.   As she started married life with David, she continued to participate in business ventures and started several successful businesses of her own while creating and raising a family of 8.   

In the process of supporting family life and starting  many businesses along the way, Laura experienced the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship with great prosperity and financial chaos.  The underlying stress and anxiety took its toll on family relationships, health and well being.  

Looking for answers to create stable permanent wealth and the ability to find peace and stability in her relationships, she began to search for solutions and answers.   That search led her to look into the financial  industry.  She felt through education of markets, products and services  and a greater understanding of money she could find the answers she was looking for.    

In 2009 she obtained her insurance license and began working in the financial industry.  Teaching and working with families on the “external game of wealth”. On the outward symptoms or financial “treatments” that was seen on the surface. She soon recognized that the problems they were facing were the same as her own and were not going to be solved by products and services.  She began to see that there was a need for people to learn and become more aware of the “internal game of wealth”.  

Investing the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in search of the answers others like her were in need of, Laura gathered together the gems of universal truth out of the many sources available to everyone and coupled them with Providential inspiration creating Smart Money Expert and it’s courses and seminars found in the SME Academy. Where you can now take full advantage of.

Smart Money Expert Academy is the culmination of her years of family life, business ownership and working in the financial industry as well as what she learned in her many years of searching .    

Smart Money Expert Academy’s  mission is to liberate Entrepreneurs from the myths and lies that keep them broke and frustrated and empower them  so they can experience clarity, certainty, peace of mind and power with their relationships and their money.

You too can benefit from the 29 years of study, the Gems of Truth gathered and the exhaustive expertise that Laura has at-the-ready for you!


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