Together with Smart Money Expert You Can Attain the Changes to Your Financial Future that You Want!

This is where your resolve and determination collide with action to grow your financial abilities and put in place your wealth building lifestyle habits!

Here’s what’s in the Ruby Large Group Mentoring Meetings


After you attend the series of seminars you receive a list of to-do items for wealth building that grows out of each of the exercises within the seminars.  Large Group Mentoring works to keep you on track with your Wealth Success Plan with like-minded individuals and couples doing the same thing.

  • A weekly call to get answers and ask questions you may have
  • Access to the expertise at Smart Money Expert
  • Daily access to our forum for continued support and ideas from peers


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What is Keeping You from the Next Level?

Follow through and follow up is where most people fail to  make lasting changes permanent. We here at Smart Money Expert can get you the assistance needed to keep you on the right track on making consistent progress with your Wealth Plan that will effect the positive changes you want for your loved ones!

Large Group Meetings3

This is where your amazing plans inspired through the seminars can go to become a reality. Take the time to refresh, and refocus with the weekly calls and the ongoing access to the Smart Money Expert Forums where others like yourselves are striving to accomplish the same in their lives.

  • Get your questions, that arise as you put your plan into action answered on a weekly basis
  • Gleam from those who have gone before you through the process and what they have learned to make your learning curve that much quicker
  • Develop the kinship with the knowledge that you aren’t alone in the desire to better your life, and your connections to Wealth

The time is right, the time is right now to get yourself moving in the direction you want to go. Don’t leave anything to chance, gain the power with the Large Group Mentoring Sessions

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