3 Kinds of Money

There are 3 kinds of money.  Knowing and understanding each of them is important not only to your bottom line but your quality of life.

First you have lifestyle money.  This is the amount of money you need to maintain your standard of living.  You are very aware of lifestyle money because we live with it […]

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You have skills the market is waiting for!

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What if the American dollar fails?

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Money Doesn’t Bring Security- Your ability to Produce Brings Security.

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There is no money lost, It doesn’t disappear it simply transfers to someone else.

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Stuck? Get a new perspective you won’t get different results until you do.

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The Truth About Average Rate of Return

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Are you addicted to fear and worry?


I lived my life addicted to worry and anxiety.

I didn’t realize it at the time. It was normal and what I had always known.  It was modeled for me growing up. In fact, I came from several generations of worriers.  I remember when my grandmother got older and we would plan family gatherings and they would […]

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Growing People or Vegetables

I spent a lot of time gardening this week. I thought a lot about how gardening is like life. I thought I would share a few here.

If you want something new you must clear a space for it.

You must dig deeper to get to the roots that are responsible for the results you see.

New seeds […]

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