Smart Money Expert TV Tips- You can’t afford to Keep doing what your doing!

If you aren’t making or keeping the money you want to you must stop doing what you are doing.  Isn’t it interesting how when we are not getting the results we want we try harder instead of stopping and analyzing what is not working.  We often can’t find different answers because we are looking with […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 17- John Salimbene – Obamacare , what can you expect? Listen as a licensed health insurance professional discusses the details!

John Salimbene moved his family to Utah from the Palmyra New York area back in September of 2006 and have loved every moment they’ve lived here in Utah.

John lived in Farmington, Utah during his Davis High School years. Just before he came back from his Mission from Colombia, S.A., his parents moved to the Palmyra […]

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Money doesn’t give you security, neither does the government.

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Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 16- Tam Pendleton

Tam Pendleton is The Happy Life Warrior and the founder of her own training company called Vital Connections. She trains individuals and families, together as a group, in the framework of strong Christian values, to heal themselves and learn to mentor their own families into wholeness with love. She is the creator of the Hardwired […]

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SME TV You Are going to Die! Are You Ready?

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