Your baby is ugly!

Is your business like your baby?

I often approach my business as my baby.  I am so excited about what I created that when feedback comes back different than what I want or think I react internally as if someone is calling my baby ugly!

I have had some interesting experiences this month as I  have participated […]

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Getting trapped in a Rate of Return

One of the biggest traps you can get into is the Rate of Return.

A key selling point in any conversations about investment products is Rate of Return (ROR) or return on Investment (ROI.)

You see, rate of return is actually comprised of two types of return: average return and actual return.

The difference is simple: LOSSES.

When calculating […]

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Spend More, Spend Wisely!

In the financial industry, we glorify the saver and villainize the spender.

Savers keep banks and the financial industry in business.  Those savings programs generate a lot of revenue for them –

What about for you?

I am not talking about the worthless printing of money and government bailout programs.

I am talking about discarding myths and lies that keep […]

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Women, Ignorance Is Not Bliss

What you do not know and understand about your money is costing you every day.

Women have made great strides in the  workplace but  they have lagged badly in key areas of financial planning.

Women are inherently  vulnerable to financial risks such as…

   women live an average of ten years longer than men; nine in 10 will […]

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Smart Money Exprt Radio -Episode 15-Lawrence Law -All Things Credit

Lawrence M Law has been working with credit for 23 years in repairing, correcting and improving personal credit.  Just recently he joined with National Credit Federation, a nationally known Credit Repair company using attorneys to attack the Credit Bureaus.

He began with disputing negatives on his credit reports that were not his or incorrectly placed and became quite […]

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Creating Certainty in an Uncertain World

Tonight as I was traveling home from an appointment with a client, I found myself out in the middle of nowhere going in the wrong direction!

I wondered how I missed the turn and realized that I had been lost in my thoughts. Turning around I was shocked by how far I had come.

Earlier on my way […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 14- Scott Johnson- How to recycle money and put more back into your pocket.

Scott Johnson is a family man who has been married 40 years.  He has 7 children and 9 grandchildren.

Scott’s  first career was teaching. He loved teaching and felt like he was serving and making a difference in the lives of others.  After years of teaching and living on a teachers salary he started looking for […]

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