Smart Money Expert Radio Episode 14 -Todd Strobel and Laura Gilson

.A look into the inner game of wealth and the outer wealth.    Our inner game or our subconscious programing is often stronger and sabotaging our effort in creating different results with our money. We discuss:

1.  How to create powerful conversations where judgement is set aside and we focus on results.

2. The conversation of spender […]

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The Financial Advice You Need Your Not Going to Find on Wall Street

If you are tired of looking for answers by watching television programs that focus on the stock  market, reading the financial section of newspapers, listening to your stockbroker’s newest
great stock pick,”  fearing a life insurance salesman’s pitch, or attending another profoundly boring financial seminar then this post is for you.  I am excited to help […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio Episode-013- Arto Pihlajisto- What You Need to Know To Get a Loan

Arto Pihlajisto has served in the mortgage industry for 18 years.  He started his own mortgage company and worked and serviced many clients for many years.  His philsophy is to have a fully informed well educated client.

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Fast Cash

The number one question on everyone mind today is “How can I generate more cash flow?’.  From the individual, family, business owners, to an entire industry are all asking the same questions.

I want to talk about 3 things.  A big Problem, A Opportunity and a solution.

Because we are looking at major changes and chaos in […]

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