Powerful Conversations About Money

The ability to have powerful conversations about money  is fundamental to our success in creating a solid  financial plan and peace and harmony in our relationships.   Here are 6 keys  to empower you:

1.  Keep the conversations about what is “working” and “not working” and avoid the blame game. 

When we can look at each situation […]

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Smart Money Expert TV -Winning in your own Personal Economy-

Are you so caught up in the ‘Big things”  that they distract you from the most important things.  In this time of election we become so focused on big national events that we often overlook our local governments and the effects their decisions and policies are having in our personal finances tomorrow.  Focusing on our […]

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Are You Going to Win This Election?

  Do you want to vote for a winner? Do you want to know that your vote counts? 

Are you falling prey to distraction, deceit or myths about power and who has it?

What am I talking about?…

Lets look at the election for the President of the United States.   As we are bombarded with press releases, […]

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From Survival to Financial Freedom

Did you know that the lowest plane of existence with your money is survival?  There are actually 4 planes that we can live in with our money.  Each one is a stepping stone or a foundation for the next level.  There is no stepping or jumping from one to the other, each one is essential […]

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Smart Money Expert TV

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results.  I share an experience this week where I go to the same source of information over and over getting different information and still getting the same results.  I share what I knew and what was reinforced to me […]

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Smart Money Expert TV – The 2 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Money

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