Do You Like Throwing your money away?

I had a friend of mine stop me today to ask me about investing. We were at a business coaching event working on our businesses.   As I listened to her I had to smile.  The words are so familiar.  It sounds something like this:  “I was looking at this website…They were telling me about […]

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Smart Money Expert TV

We would never think of giving birth to our children and set them aside and never pay attention to them.  We wouldn’t plant seeds in a garden and ignore them and expect a bumper crop and yet very few people really pay attention to their money and what its doing.

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Smart Money Expert Radio – Episode 012- Laura King Gilson & Chella Diaz guests on Colleen’s Place

This is a radio show that was hosted by Colleens Norris.  Colleen is Club President of CEO Space here in Utah.  She invited Chella and I to be the guest on her show talking about finance.

Chella Diaz is passionate about teaching basic finance.  She is currently working to bring financial education to high school students […]

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First Person: How I Sabotage My Retirement

I love this article.

By Laura Cone | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Wed, Jul 18, 2012 2:25 PM EDT

I have made every mistake in the book when it comes to saving for my retirement, according to some experts.

A recent article published by U.S. News & World Report named 5 ways people sabotage their retirement. I am guilty of […]

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Do Your Fight Over Finances?

We experience difficultly when we want others to look and see things the way we do.  Fighting over finances often come from the belief that we are right or that our partner is preventing us from achieving our own goals.  There is power in honoring others and moving forward with your own goals.

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Get Advice And Get Into Action

The first step to success is defining a destination.  The second step is to talk to someone who has what you want or has been where you want to go.  It’s critical to then to take action and make the journey your own and claim your own success.

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Climbing a Mountain or Creating wealth…Things You Need To Know

This past week I had a family reunion.  We went to the place I had grown up as child.  This place was called Moore, Idaho.   My family settled the area five generation ago.  We lived at the base of the mountain called King Mountain.    My sister and I and her son decided that we […]

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Your Relationship With Money


If you had to declare your relationship with money what would it be? Are you casually dating? Are you friends? Are you in love? Would you like a divorce from it? Is it an abusive relationship?

Some of the basic principles we apply to every other relationship apply to our money. For instance, If you are […]

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Smart Money Expert TV- You Can Receive More Money

There is a basic principles that in order to get more money you must be willing to receive it.  We often feel it is “better to give than to receive”.  I think it is great to be able to give and that we should give.  It is often hard for us to receive because we […]

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