Smart Money Expert TV- You can Take A Family Vacation

You can take a family vacation!  Your decision to have a vacation is the first step to you being able to create that.  You are the power that is going to make that happen.  Money may or may not be a part of that process.  All money is created from a thought or an action […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 011- DC Jones

DC is the owner of Media Bus Marketing.  He has extensive experience with Social Media Marketing.  Listen to this interview and be inspired and enlightened.

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Do I Need A Financial Expert?


YOU are the expert that you need.   It is only when you are crystal clear about what you want and who you are that you  can you truly benefit from an expert in the field of finance.  There are three  ways to become an expert.

1.   Education.

2.   Your own experiences.

3.   Learning from others […]

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Daily Insignificant Choices- Or Are They?

The recession and our more recent job loss has caused me to become much more aware of my daily seemingly insignificant choices. I’ve learned that a moment’s choice can lead to hours, days and years of stress and frustration down the road.

It is more often than not, those small daily decisions that have more impact […]

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Anticipating Abundance In A Changing World

Want some Great News About the Economy!

Here is a great article that addresses the truth about how we are living in more prosperity than ever before.  We are so bombarded by the media and the belief that we are failing.  Read this article I know you will find it enlightening.


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