Strategies To Keep You in Debt


Strategies Used To Keep Us in Debt

I ran across this article and I thought you all would find it interesting.  It’s kind of amazing when you hear the conversation of debt from the ones who lend the money.  In this article some of the strategies that they use to keep us coming back are exposed.  […]

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“I Got Laid Off Today”


Those are the words I heard over the phone last Wednesday morning when my husband called me from New York where he worked.

As the reality of those words sunk in, I was surprised by my own feelings.  I felt at peace.  I had moments of fear that would sweep over me but they were brief. […]

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Investing in you, You Are Your #1 performing asset


For many years of my life I looked for others and things to provide value and meaning to my life.  Money was the thing that was going to provide for me a happy marriage, a purposeful life, peace of mind, success and security.  I had handed over my own personal power to an object!

It was […]

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Smart Money Expert TV- Managing Losses

In this video we talk about what you can accomplish if you can minimize your losses.  One of the biggest lies we accept in financial planning is that high risk equals high returns.  We can actually create better returns over time when we are never having to recover from big losses in the market.

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How Do I Ask For A Pay Raise

Last week after a consultation with a client the wife looked at her husband and ask, “Can I ask her?”.  He nodded and she turned to me and asked, “How should my husband ask for a pay raise?”.  I was more than a little surprised, mostly because of the way it was asked.  We talked […]

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