Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 010- Melanie Keate -The Right House for You

Melanie Keate’s Bio
My husband and I bought our first house just after I graduated from Brigham Young University and my fascination with real estate had begun.  Eight years ago, we bought our first rental.  It has been a learning experience!  I am grateful it has produced positive cash flow over the years though.  I began […]

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Middle Income Families- How to excape debt

The road to financial freedom is not an easy one. You will have to maintain an extremely disciplined life in order to free yourself and your family from the chains of debt. Debt burden is quite a complex and problematic thing. So, it is better to give importance to your finances from the beginning so […]

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Smart Money Expert TV – Walking Through Fear

We all feel fear.  It is facing and going through the fear that allows us to move forward and get the things we want.  Keith Hubbard and I share some personal experiences that help us to get through some of out biggest fears with money and poverty.

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Smart Money Expert Radio Episode 008- Anthony Siebers- Currency & Exchange

Anthony Siebers- Anthony and his wife Monika are the founders of Barter Buff.

They are an exchange community that provides alternate way of trade and creating currency in the market.  In this program we talk about what money is and how it flows and how in a tight economy that there is still away to engage […]

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Smart Money Expert TV – How To Engage In Transactions That will Bring the Most Satisfaction

The Principles of Exchange and how that governs all of our transactions.  You will gain an understanding in how to engage in exchange with others that will maximize the value you can give and receive with money and in your relationships

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Smart Money Expert TV- Identity Theft

Are you feeling afraid or uncertain?  Have you lost a vision of who you are and what you want?  You may be a victim of identity theft!  We struggle in our financial plans when we have lost sight of what our goals are and the way to get there.

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Smart Money Expert Radio -Episode 009- Katherine Christianson- Identity Theft

Katherine  is a Piano teacher who through life experiences learned what can happen without the proper protection that happens with life.  She shares some of her solutions and facts about what can Happen when you experience identity theft as well as other legal issues that come up for the every day family.

You can get  more […]

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Smart Money Expert TV- Is Money Created Magically?

There are principles governing our ability to produce money.  The first one being that we have to create value for others.  They will have their own perception of value and what that means to them.  If we want more money in our lives we have to find what others value and supply it and they […]

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