Smart Money Expert Radio- episode 003- Chris Miles- Cash flow Oprimization

Chris Miles
Chris Miles “The Anti-Financial Adviser” is a leading authority on how to quickly create cash flow and wealth for thousands of his coaching members, business owners, and others internationally! He has been featured on the cover of Palacio Magazine, is the co-creator & podcast host of, and the Financial Architect for the highly […]

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What About That Debt


How many times have you heard “debt is bad”? Debt is nothing more than a concept or idea. In and of itself it isn’t good or bad. It is how we understand it and what we do with it that is important.

Lets talk about what debt is and isn’t. Debt is usually defined as any […]

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What is Money?

SME What is money?

What is money? There is a real myth that money is real and that we all value it the same. To a child they are more excited about coins. That represents to them the ability to buy a gum ball from a vending machine. For some a dollar bill or cash is […]

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What You Don’t Know Could Cost You

This time of year we start to think about taxes and what we need to do to minimize our tax liabilities. Since our goal here at Smart Money Expert is to empower you through education here are a few facts and types of IRA’s available for you to consider.

Traditional IRA.

(Contribution limit of $5,000, $6,000 if […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio Episode – 002- Keith Hubbard – True Principles

Keith Hubbard is a powerful Family Relationships Trainer and Speaker.  Keith has had a passion for being a part of people healing and transforming their lives for over 12 years!  His passion began as a therapeutic wilderness instructor working with at risk youth and young adults where he began to develop a signature process and […]

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Smart Money Expert Radio – Episode 001- BethAnn McMerick- Accounting Cents

Beth Ann  is the Owner/CEO of Accounting Cents

I am Beth Ann McMerrick…I am an Accountant and a Money Greath Through Coach.  UI teach and empower individuals, entrepreneurs, healers, artists, children, and business owners, how to make money in their life and business.  We create powerful and healthy financial systems that are simple, organized, customized to […]

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Powerful Money Peaceful Living

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All The Wealth In The World


Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that all the wealth that has ever existed is here. I recently had a brother die. He was 38 years old and died unexpectedly. As I stood in his room that night and looked at his belongings I realized that he was gone and everything that […]

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Value Self While Illiminating Debt

The biggest changes people look for in the new year is to get out of debt, lose weight and stop smoking. I met with a client last week and we spent some time talking about ways of getting out of debt. There is a real emotional battle that wages in the minds of people struggling […]

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