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Concious Change & Choice

Today I want to talk about change and choices.

This last week I have had the opportunity to help and assist my mother in law. She was in a car accident. As I visit with her, I’ve heard how she feels like life has happened to her. Her life is a result of others choices and […]

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Taking Control of Your Finances

Everyone acknowledges that they could live in more power and peace of mind if they had control of their finances. The question becomes why don’t you have control over your finances? Do you fall prey to these assumptions:

 You only need to manage money if you make a lot
You can’t afford financial help or advice from […]

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Your life-Use it up- Wear it out- Make a different

Life seems so frail to me.  My mother was recently diagnosed with ALS and a good friend of mine just had a stroke.  Both of these women were healthy active woman.  They had no history of any previous medical condition.  They have taken good care of themselves and focused on exercise and good health habits.  […]

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Being prepared for tax time!

I just finished my taxes today.  I always have a sense of accomplishment when I can pull all my facts and figures together for the year.

It is always a time of reflection for me as well as I review the past year.  I get a lot of question answered like:

Where did my money go last […]

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“Stuff” the nonessential drain on your finances!

I have spent the last 3 days helping my parents to get ready to move.
I have been amazing as we have cleaned out and thrown away, given away and packed away a LOT of stuff.  I question how we work so hard to fill our lives and houses with stuff.

It has been fun as we […]

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Do you remember being 14 in Junior High?…or maybe you would rather forget.

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Gain confidence with a plan.

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I Am Me

I love this saying and wanted to share it with you. We are so much more than we think we are and we can do so much more than we do. Take these words to heart and change what you are experiencing in your own world.

In all the world, there is no one else exactly […]

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Investments Are Like Children

If you are someone who listens to financial guru’s on the radio or TV or get your advice from family and friends you will often hear some pretty pat answers about what you should do for debt, insurance, savings or investments. I find those comments amusing and somewhat dangerous. You will hear the […]

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Smart Money Expert TV Rainy Days and Mondays…

I heard a song sung by the Carpenter’s when I was younger that went something like this “rainy days and Monday’s always get me down.” Today I woke up with a dark cloud hanging over my head. In this video I share about a few tips and tools I use to help me […]

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