At Smart Money Expert We Don’t Leave You on Your Own… 

Our education focus and models when properly used help to build solid foundation principles necessary to have success and create everlasting and permanency for you, your loved ones and your desired lifestyle!

Smart Money Expert Academy Seminars

Here at Smart Money Expert we believe in building wealth from the “inside out” in ways that incorporate all areas of your life. We believe there is a mental, emotional and spiritual connection to money and wealth creation. These concepts are taught through 4 different modules.

For maximum learning and implementation we suggest you take all four seminars. Each seminar teaches principles and techniques that are designed to build on each other. However, each seminar is available as a stand-alone. 

 The Mental Currency class comes to you in the very first stage of the process.  Your mind “chatter” must become productive and empowering.  The approach you take when it comes to your finances must first come from mental awareness, and readiness. Your thoughts determine your feelings- which determine your actions- which determine your results.  Your ability to change the dialog that happens mentally is critical for your success

In the class you will:

  • Discover thought patterns that are holding you back
  • Learn how to heal the past and its mental programming from failure to success
  • Have tools and models for continued growth and DIY course corrections
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What has spiritual principles have to do with creating wealth?, you may be asking.  Napolean Hill once said, “The basis of all wealth is ideas.” Your ability to be inspired, aware, awake to the ideas and possibilities around you is critical to creating new wealth.  No matter which religious background you come from, there is an connection with your ability to tap into  money and wealth on the spiritual level. By identifying and dealing with this very important aspect of the Financial spectrum, you will learn how to be more “in tune” and connected to happiness, inspiration and people.

In the Spiritual Currency class you will:

  • To live in inspiration daily.
  • To find total peace with the past, generational or not
  • To capture inspiration and ideas and make money with them.
  • create with passion and purpose
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Money is a symbol of value.  The establishment of value is a completely emotional and personal perception.  Among all the figures, dollars and cents you have a lot of emotion when it comes to money. It’s the way we deal with money, our decision making processes, our perspectives, and how we approach money.  Managing and using money properly allows you to be in power with money while allowing the full spectrum of your emotions to be integrated in wealth stability and financial growth

In the Emotional Currency class you will:

  • Discover your natural money personality
  • Learn how to have powerful conversations around money with those who matter most
  • Establish systems to manage money in emotional times to create success
  • Embrace your emotions around money and use them to create a fulfilling life today
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 The bucks stops and starts at the actual physical actions you undertake with your money, how you position your money to work for you as a tool of production. you will learn the precept, principles and tactics to create balance. There is not only correct principles but a correct order of implementation to create stability and permanency.

In the Physical Currency class you will:

  • Discover the “money rules” and what money really is
  • Learn models and formulas for setting up a budget that empowers
  • Identify the principles of financial stability with the right steps in the right order.
  • Put money in its proper place as a tool of production
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Is it absolutely essential to take each and every Seminar in the Series. No! they are stand alone classes however,  ask yourself, ” Would you take a fourth year course in college your very first semester at the university? Each Seminar builds upon the other, and you can only get the full benefit of what’s being taught and what you can incorporate and absorb into your thought processes, spiritual perspectives, emotional approaches and physical actions when it comes to your wealth as you travel through the series of Seminars.

By attending and working through each Seminar you build:

  • Mental acuity to recognize the positive, visualize in mind to make it a reality
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional skills to accurate determine actions and strategies that work for financial growth
  • Physical methods, tactics and ways that you can perform and make real for your lifestyle.

It’s all about Clarity, Confidence and Cash and the Seminar Series will get you in the right position, in every possible way, to make the wealth of money and time work for you. Get a 4 Seminar special rate today for the next available series!

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Large Group Mentoring:

Gather together those who are Starting the Financial Path you are on a weekly basis.


In this large group experience you will have access to: 

  • A weekly call to get answers and ask questions you may have
  • Access to the expertise at Smart Money Expert
  • Daily access to our forum for continued support and ideas from peers

There are prerequisites to be able to participate in the large group mentoring opportunity. This service is only available for clients who have purchased Power Peace and Certainty or attended the Seminar Series Clarity Confidence & Cash

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Small Group Mentoring

In this small group you will receive a higher level of personal mentoring. You will have the benefit of learning in a group training environment with the benefit of peer mastermind and support. You will learn and develop models for continued change and growing Daily action steps and accountability accelerates your ability to reach higher levels of achievement and reach goals. You will be inserted into our financial professional network for all your questions and concerns.

All the benefits of Large Group Calls plus:

  • 12 weekly small POD mentoring calls
  • Personal weekly group customized mentoring
  • One on One Custom Created Financial Blueprint
  • Access to all archived POD calls
  • Personal implementation strategy session with financial professionals

** Prerequisite to have attended the Seminar Series Clarity Confidence & Cash


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The One on One Mentoring with Laura

Face to face attention to your personal circumstances and situation with the very first Smart Money Expert Laura King Gilson!


Custom Attention to Details

When you have the opportunity to get together on a regular basis with the powerful mind, the extensive expertise, and exhaustive experience of what it takes to be ready for wealth in your life, for your loved ones and to make the difference in your lifestyle. That is what you get, when you apply and are accepted to go One on One with Laura.

In addition to participation in the large group mentoring and the benefits of the small group mentoring you will be able to move what you need to change and gain it all that much faster.

Here’s What You’ll Receive:
  • 12 weekly small POD mentoring calls
  • Personal weekly group customized mentoring
  • One on One Custom Created Financial Blueprint
  • Access to all archived POD calls
  • Personal implementation strategy session with financial professionals

* You must submit an application for One on One Mentoring and attendance of the full Seminar Series Clarity Confidence & Cash is prerequisite.

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One on One with Laura

Super charged actions with personal accountability with the Smart Money Expert, Laura King Gilson
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