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This is where your resolve and determination combine with your earning ability to stabilize and grow your finances for your family and future lifestyle!

What Is the Smart Money Expert Academy?

This is the learning portal, the place where you can go as an individual, as a couple, or as a family and learn the principles, strategies, and methods to be healthy financially in every way possible. You will find the Home Study Course, all our audio, and videos, as well as any of the recordings of our Webinars that will be happening in the future


Our self-paced online Home Study Course – Peace Power & Certainty is designed to take you from the very basics of finances through advanced terms, technologies and techniques. It is a complete comprehensive course built on solid financial principles. Each lesson and principle has an accompanying video and a downloadable PDF for maximized application and learning. Get Access Today!


The Home Study Course:
Peace Power & Confidence

Here’s what you’ll find in the financial course that will change your financial outlook

  • Module #1 Awake – 
  • Lesson 1: The Stories Numbers Tell
  • Lesson 2: The Poverty Trap
  • Module #2 Aware –
  • Lesson 1: The Truth of Wanting
  • Lesson 2: The Lies You Tell Yourself
  • Module #3  Action – 
  • Lesson 1: The Foundational Plan
  • Lesson 2: The Support Team
  • Module #4  Acceleration –
  • Lesson 1: The Economic Engine
  • Lesson 2: The Assessment & Acceleration
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Powerful Money Peaceful Living:

Learn the secrets to Manifesting wealth in life and relationships and creating prosperity with money while building rich fulfilling relationships!


As you listen to this audio program you will…

  • Learn to have productive and powerful conversations about money… so you can live in peace and certainty in your relationships.
  • Identify and change the limiting money paradigms, which are sabotaging your best efforts… so you can get the results you want.
  • Create a personal Dream Map that will take you from where you are to where you want to be… so you know your next step.
  • Learn how to execute and expand in an ever changing market and economy… so you can be confident in your ability to live in abundance today and provide for your long term needs.

This is available as a digital download or as a CD

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The Currency of Wealth

Sit back and relax as you are guided through this meditation audio program. You will experience the power of meditation as you train your mind for multiple streams of income and increase your cash flow. Be inspired to become more aware of the opportunities that surround you and ways to create more money while enriching relationships.
  • Gain the mental visualizations that are essential to the creation process
  • Set your mind set to be ready for those streams of income and cash flow
  • Have it to train your mind as many times as you are needing to make it a habit


Daily Doses

The 90 day wealth accumulation journal for you


What’s Daily Doses?

A day to day exercise trains more than the body and the mind, and that is what you get here. With Daily Doses you train your Financial self in the right ways in getting it all done:

Designed to assist you in reprogramming yourself for financial and personal success. It is based on the premise that your inner dialog creates your outer wealth. The more you concentrate on your inner programming the faster you will see new results in your world. Take the actual steps, and the mental exercises that move you into reality from the dream.

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 Each day there is a page that will help you take actions steps, be accountable, track successes and illuminate roadblocks and problems. There are powerful suggestions and ideas to implement and reprogram your mind for accelerated learning and growth. Day in and day out  you can do the work that is necessary to make the changes permanent in your life.

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 People are creatures of habit. Research shows that those who participate in a daily routine are 3 times as likely to stay on their program than those who participate 6 days a week and produce 5 times better results use your program daily for the entire 90 days. If you miss a day simply start again  in the next day possible. You can create your reality with a consistent effort to make the change in your life.

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 The results totally depend upon you. If you are satisfied with where you are, and don’t have the ambition to improve or move higher, you are where you want to be. Most of us, know deep down that wherever we may find ourselves that we can use improvement (some a little, most a whole lot) and that the current state we find ourselves in with our financial stability or power must change if we are to gain the lifestyle we know can be had. Your results then, are determined on your access to the right tools to get you to that desired lifestyle and financial position

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