leaking bucketHave you ever had a dripping faucet?  You know its there and sometimes you stand and look at it. Maybe your take the handle and turn it off as hard as you can and it still continues to drip.  You’re not sure how to stop it, or don’t have time, and so you walk away thinking of taking care of it later. Sometimes you may not even know when it started or how long its been that way.  Maybe it has become part of the background noise of your life.  Sometimes we walk away hoping it will stop dripping by itself- when all logic tells us it won’t.  Normally it doesn’t work out that way and problem will get worse and extensive damage can be done before we finally call for help.

Most people have  problem leaks in their life  that operate the same way.  It’s there, its annoying, it keeps us from being whole and fulfilled.  We may tighten our belts and hope it goes away.  We finally accept it as part of life and the damage piles up.  Then comes the day it can no longer be ignored.  We have an emergency and have no savings.  We are looking at retirement and realize we are in serious trouble.  We feel inflation hit and our credit cards are maxed out.  We have relationships that are in trouble and need our attention.  Our health has been ignored and we are facing pain, expensive treatments and loss of life.

One of the most useful tools for life is learning to face a problem or situation and deal with it in the moment.  You can face  problems when they are slight irritants with minimal damage or and deal with them before they grow and take over with big consequences. Take one one leak or problem at a time.

If this sounds like you and there is a nagging voice that is always speaking to you about situations that need your attention here are a few steps you can take to get started.

Today find someone you can trust and honestly share with them something that has been nagging at you.  Being aware and saying them out loud helps to bring the thoughts out of the darkness and into the light.  Solutions come as we bring problems out in the open were we can look at and identify them. Clarity is the first step.

Next, make a list of 10 things that you can do to fix them today.  Do not filter them just write them down.  The first three things you write down may be totally an emotional reaction.  It is important to let the emotions attached to the behavior go.

Once you move past the emotion and continue on down the list your brain will start to show you viable answers and solutions.  When you have finished the 10 solutions go back over the list and determine which ones are the most likely for you to do and get results.  You may be surprised by the answers your brain has for you.  Trust those answers.

Now,  it is critical that you find someone you trust to be accountable to.   This is the step that most people don’t do.  Being able to be open and honest and stating our intentions is letting the Universe know we are serious.

Your life deserves your conscious awareness.  Sooner or later what you put off  will not be ignored.

The Chinese word for crisis is written with two characters. The first stand for danger, and the second opportunity.  Look for the good hidden within every you encounter.

“There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands.”  Richard Bach