Listen and with the intent to learn.

Our first reaction may be; No! Not everyone says something that is helpful.

Sometimes what you learn from the negative comments can be useful in opening your mind up to your own wrong thinking.

When someone gives us advise it doesn’t hurt to listen. You have the ultimate choice of which action you take, if any.

People want to be heard.

You want to be heard.

Listening is one of the greatest ways to show respect and validation.

We don’t make significant progress in our own thinking if we are only listening to ourselves talk.

If we are not moving forward at the pace we want or are facing the same situations over and over again we need to seek information outside of our own “mind chatter”

Go to the ten people you spend the most time with and ask them to honestly tell you how they experience you.

I have don’t this and what an eye opening experience it was.  I had people tell me that I was great for always giving advice but not to good at taking it.

It hurt a little bit to be told but I was grateful to learn that about myself.  I challenge you to do this and see what you learn about yourself.

You may hear the very thing that is keeping you from moving forward at the pace you want to.