messy room

Have you ever thought about how your home reflects your inner thoughts and feelings of self?

I learned many years ago that when I got obsessive about a clean and tidy house I was seeking for control.  Cleaning my home  gave me an illusion of control.

There are those who live with floors strewn with clothes, books, and papers that you could not cross the room without stepping on something. They say that this clutter was their way of keeping people at a distance.

There are those who cannot get rid of things because of the fear of not having what they need at some future time. They live in fear and scarcity.

There are those who won’t let anyone into their home until it is spotless. They cannot bear for others to see them as anything but perfect.

There are those who obsessively shop, filling their homes with the latest and greatest searching for approval and acceptance.

Others who are obsessively clean always seeking for the ideal and are unable to live in the messiness of life with any sort of peace.

The messages we have about ourselves manifest in many areas of life. The key is to identify them in areas of our life that are obvious and then ask questions that would have us look deeper.

When I have the urge to clean obsessively, I stop and ask, “what is causing me to feel powerless?”

If I cringe when someone comes to my house unexpectedly I ask myself what am I ashamed of or hiding?

When my kids room is a mess and it changes the way I interact with them I know that I am putting things before people.

Does this mean that I don’t believe in order or that we should clean our homes?


Cleanliness and order are vital to success and happiness.

It is not the action itself that is the problem it is the energy behind it.

we manage our inner world to create balance, peace, harmony and order in our outer world. We can also create balance, peace, harmony and order in our outer world to promote peace and well being in our inner world.

It is when we are congruent from outside in and inside out that we will find success.

Living in a home with 8 children my sense of order is vastly different from someone who may have one child. I learned to set expectations that would allow me to get things done, create order, live in peace, allow others to create and put people above things

Our money is no different. It is an extension of who we are. If we are out of balance it will show in our money. If we have chaos and confusion it will manifest in our money. If we don’t feel good enough money will leave. If we put things before relationships our money will look like our relationships. If money is our identity we will always be insecure.

That is why the first step I always take with a client is to begin tracking expenses and create pathways for money to flow. It is the beginning of creating order in the physical world. We never stop there though, because what is happening behind the scenes is a vital part of the solution.

By taking a fresh look at what you do and why you do it, without condemning yourself, you can consider hidden motives. You can free your life from clutter, not just physical but mental, spiritual and emotional clutter.

“Give me a new view of my world by helping me to see myself more clearly.”