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1002, 2016

Leaks that keep you from being fulfilled

Have you ever had a dripping faucet?  You know its there and sometimes you stand and look at it. Maybe your take the handle and turn it off as hard as you can and it still continues to drip.  You’re not sure how to stop it, or don’t have time, and so you walk away thinking of taking care of it later. Sometimes you may not even know when it started or how long its been that way.  Maybe it has become part of the background noise of your life.  Sometimes we walk away hoping it will stop dripping by itself- when all logic tells us it won’t.  Normally it doesn’t work out that way and problem will get worse and extensive damage can be done before we finally call for help.

Most people have  problem leaks in their life  that operate the same way.  It’s there, its annoying, it keeps us […]

1002, 2016

What kind of conversations are you having around money?

How do you talk about money with your spouse?

In conversations about money how many times do you hear or express the same words over and over?

There is a difference between expressing ourselves and using words to try to control others.

Productive conversations around money happen when both partners are heard. In situation where you do not feel heard and understood or feel nagged you should probably take a look at yourself and ask if you are listening openly seeking to understand and find solutions.

If you mention something that is on your mind and then let it go, no matter what response you get, you are speaking sincerely.

If you repeatedly make similar suggestions or ask prodding questions again and again you are probably trying to control.

If you are satisfied only when the other person responds in a way consider desireable,- agrees with what you’ve said or takes your advice- then you are […]

1801, 2016

What you don’t know about insurance can really cost you

It’s been a really long time since I posted anything here. I have had a crazy six months with two deaths in our family and surgery and other medical procedures. It’s taken most of my energy to just manage and recuperate. The good new is that I am on the mend and looking forward to share what I have learned through this experience.

The importance of keeping your finances in order and preparing for life’s events has been brought home to me in a poignant way.

I am excited to share what I have learned and help you to re evaluate your situation and take action where needed or congratulated yourself on a job well done.

One little tidbit for today. What is your PIP on your auto insurance policy? PIP stand for Personal Insurance Protection. It is what is going to be paid first out of your policy.

In any accident were medical […]

2909, 2015

Are you listening?

Listen and with the intent to learn.

Our first reaction may be; No! Not everyone says something that is helpful.

Sometimes what you learn from the negative comments can be useful in opening your mind up to your own wrong thinking.

When someone gives us advise it doesn’t hurt to listen. You have the ultimate choice of which action you take, if any.

People want to be heard.

You want to be heard.

Listening is one of the greatest ways to show respect and validation.

We don’t make significant progress in our own thinking if we are only listening to ourselves talk.

If we are not moving forward at the pace we want or are facing the same situations over and over again we need to seek information outside of our own “mind chatter”

Go to the ten people you spend the most time with and ask them to honestly tell you how they experience you.

I have don’t this […]

1108, 2015

Money, Mess and messages

Have you ever thought about how your home reflects your inner thoughts and feelings of self?

I learned many years ago that when I got obsessive about a clean and tidy house I was seeking for control.  Cleaning my home  gave me an illusion of control.

There are those who live with floors strewn with clothes, books, and papers that you could not cross the room without stepping on something. They say that this clutter was their way of keeping people at a distance.

There are those who cannot get rid of things because of the fear of not having what they need at some future time. They live in fear and scarcity.

There are those who won’t let anyone into their home until it is spotless. They cannot bear for others to see them as anything but perfect.

There are those who obsessively shop, filling their homes with the latest and greatest searching for […]